Punks and Dogs – Here’s what’s hot in the NFT market right now

By    12 Jul,2022

Some of the market’s most well-known derivative ventures have seen a significant increase in sales volume. Over the previous 24 hours, both Bored Ape Kennel (BAKC) and CryptoPunks have seen large increases.


As a result, it is worthwhile to respond to the following questions. Q – What is going on with BAYC?

Boom! Tick tick boom!

BAKC’s trade volume has increased significantly in the last 24 hours. The sales volume of the little-known collection increased by 1077 percent, topping $1.51 million. The limited edition compilation was released on June 19th. The minting procedure was supposed to be completed within a week of the coin’s release.

Following this success, BAKC is currently ranked third on the NFT sales volume ranking. Recently, there has been a lot of social activity surrounding the dog-themed collection. Some commentators are already linking the rush to the future “Mecha Dogs” game, which is clearly mentioned in the BAYC roadmap.

This post was retweeted by the official BAYC Twitter account, which fueled BAKC enthusiasm on social media. This excitement may have led to today’s sales increase.