Apple even the battery is not spared: from March to change a battery to increase the price of $ 20

By    4 Jan,2023

Apple recently said that iPhone users whose warranties have expired will have to pay more to have their batteries replaced at Apple Stores in the future.


Apple announced on its website that starting March 1, all older iPhone battery replacements for models introduced before 2022 will cost $20 more. Currently, Apple charges $69 for battery replacements on most iPhone models, but that price will rise to $89 by March of this year, according to an estimate calculator on the company's website.

The battery price increase will also apply to older iphones, some ipads, MacBook laptops and some international markets. It is reported that MacBook Air battery replacement will increase by $30 and MacBook Pro battery prices will increase by $50. The price of newer iPad models will increase by $20. These price changes will also take effect on March 1.

And Apple's China website announced that out-of-warranty battery service for all iPhone models prior to iPhone 14 will cost an additional RMB 169.

It is worth noting that the price increase will only affect those customers who do not have AppleCare or AppleCare +. With AppleCare +, customers can get a free battery replacement once their battery health drops by more than 80 percent.

In fact, after the "Speedgate" was questioned worldwide, Apple had a long time to make up for the "Speedgate" by offering a special offer to replace the original battery for only $29.

Apple's "Speedgate" incident is Apple's admission that its software update will slow down the speed of older iPhones, which has caused consumer dissatisfaction. In the face of the worldwide scandal, Apple was forced to publicly apologize and issue a statement through its website that it would not intentionally shorten the life of any of its products, and offered a solution to replace the batteries for iPhone 6 and above models outside of the warranty period at a discounted price.

But Apple's latest move suggests that in response to rising labor and parts costs, the company will stop offering discounts and start raising prices.

It's not just battery replacement prices, as Apple raised iPhone 14 prices in several overseas markets, including the U.K., Japan, Germany and Australia, in the fourth quarter of last year.

In addition, the change could prompt more people to upgrade their phones to newer models instead of replacing the battery. It could also prompt users to flock to Apple repair stores to replace their batteries before the price hike even happens.