Spanish Prime Minister: European energy system has "ceased to function", now urgent attention to two things

By    22 Sep,2022

At the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said that Europe's energy system is "no longer working.


With Europe mired in a growing energy crisis, policy reforms that were once considered unlikely are quickly being put on the agenda.

The crisis has exposed the "weakness" of the European energy system: Europe's excessive dependence on Russian energy imports. Many European leaders have warned that if the continent is to get out of its current predicament, major changes are needed.

Sanchez firmly believes that Europe should focus on two things in response to the energy crisis: first, continue to work on the transition to renewable energy, and second, take a more centralized and broader approach to control energy prices.

Changing the European energy system

Some European countries have reacted to the crisis by restarting fossil fuel power plants that were once closed. But Sánchez insisted that European countries should not stop their efforts to transition to clean energy.

Sanchez appealed to other European leaders to "not let this energy crisis hinder progress on the climate crisis."

Faced with the onslaught of natural gas shortages, some European countries have example record-breaking renewable energy generation and Germany has broken records for solar power. But these have done little to solve the energy crisis.

This week, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in a report warned that in the current crisis, if governments can not continue to focus on renewable energy, in the long run will damage Europe's energy resilience, and lead to higher costs.

A more centralized European energy policy

Sánchez also recommends that Europe move away from its current model of fragmented energy policies and pricing mechanisms, which can allow for potentially huge differences in gas prices in different countries and thus affect the cost of electricity.