OpenSea Introduces New Drop Features for NFT Drops and Minting

By    22 Sep,2022

On Monday, OpenSea, a prominent non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, introduced SeaDrop, a new platform that would make it easier for NFT creators and purchasers to drop and mint digital artworks. SeaDrop’s secure, open-source smart contracts will be made available to OpenSea artists soon, allowing them to use SeaDrop when releasing new collections. They would no longer be obliged to create their own individual smart contracts.


Drop Sites Have Information Available

NFT collectors can browse drop pages created by artists to advertise their works directly from OpenSea’s new website. Drop sites, according to OpenSea’s statement, collaborate with a collector’s digital wallet provider to propose the transaction immediately without leaving the landing page or worrying about traveling to an unknown third-party site. The minting schedule, a countdown clock, and drop information will all be available on drop pages. It will also contain an alert tool to notify collectors of crucial NFT schedules. Furthermore, according to the release, the business is providing creators with the scientific foundation to mint their products with the new drop experience without sacrificing individuality. Collectors can go to a single trustworthy location for minting as well as sales and acquisitions. OpeanSea will release the first drop with omgKirby and Channel Tres on September 22. Following that, the industry will have an exciting schedule of web3 releases featuring tremendous talent, including pieces from Anthony Hopkins, Warner Music Group, and others.

OpenRarity is now available.

Last week, OpenSea announced on Twitter the creation of the OpenRarity rare protocol in conjunction with Curio,, and PROOF to build a fully transparent, open-source rarity rating system that would benefit both artists and customers. Because OpenRarity is optional, collections and NFT developers can choose whether or not to use it. If users opt to join in OpenRarity, they will have more access to this data because programmers will have access to the API.