Data Shows an Increase in Millionaire Shiba Inu Owners

By    22 Aug,2022

According to IntoTheBlock data, more affluent Shiba Inu owners appear to be developing. According to the Holdings Distribution Matrix indication, which gives a breakdown of different groupings of addresses based on the balance they possess, over 497,000, or 42.58% of total addresses, own between 1 and 10 million SHIB.

This is the largest category of holders, followed by those with 10-100 million SHIB (26.36%), and those with 0-1 million SHIB (23.15%).

Shiba Inu addresses with between one and one hundred million SHIBs account for 68.94% of all holders, or 805,210 addresses.

According to WhaleStats, there are 1,208,838 Shiba Inu owners. This demonstrates the market influence of these affluent Shiba Inu owners.

The Addresses by Holdings Indicator from IntoTheBlock is used to analyze how larger or smaller holders of any cryptocurrency operate over time by increasing or decreasing their balances. As a result, addresses with 100 billion to 1 trillion Shiba Inu tokens raised their balance by 3.48%. Meanwhile, addresses with 0 to 1 million SHIB and those with 100 million to 1 billion SHIB had number increases of 2.20% and 2.37%, respectively, over the last 30 days.

Trading activity among large Shiba Inu owners reaches monthly highs.

WhaleStats’ Shiba Inu transaction chart of the top 100 holders reported the greatest transfer amount (54,859,350) recorded since early July, with a transfer count of 111, the highest in more than a month.

Shiba Inu was among the market’s biggest gainers on August 14, rising over 40% from its low of $0.0000126. Despite the fact that the price activity appears to have calmed down, SHIB is down 8.42% in the last 24 hours to $0.0000148. The cryptocurrency itself, on the other hand, is up 18.51% on a weekly basis, surpassing the top 20.

Santiment, an on-chain analytics firm, saw an increase in whale activity, which led to Shiba Inu’s recent price increase: “Shiba Inu has been on the rise this weekend, rising 34% in the last week.” While #crypto has been performing well over the last 24 hours, It’s no coincidence that whales have been highly active on $SHIB, with 433 deals for more than $100,000, the most in four months.