High bid stocks are facing a collective ebb, but the back row of stocks are being concentrated to grab chips, high and low switch, how to deal with the short and medium term?

By    30 Mar,2022

The two main lines of real estate and anti-epidemic as a whole are showing divergent finishing trend. In contrast, the anti-epidemic concept is more moderate, in which the Chinese medicine branch is in the afternoon quickly higher, a number of shares up, and the new crown detection branch also relatively strong performance.


The Chinese medicine sector is pulling up, or with some of the funds first learned that the State Council will issue the "fourteen five" Chinese medicine planning news and thus advance ambush related. With the formal introduction of the "14th Five-Year Plan" for Chinese medicine after the bell, the opening stage tomorrow is expected to continue the strong trend. In fact, from the end of last year to the present, the policy of Chinese medicine continues to land, the national support policy for Chinese medicine has been gradually transitioned from the past top-level design to the implementation stage, will continue to promote the development of domestic Chinese medicine industry, is a medium and long-term positive. However, it should be noted that this policy is expected for a long time, in the short term after the good cash, also need to pay attention to the risk of high fall.